Beamer HQ4 Power Kite 4sqm

Last summer I got hooked into flying power kites and naturally started with smaller 2 line kites from Peter Lynn. I wouldn`t be a guy if size wouldn`t matter and hence I had to get a larger kite. Lucky I was, a friend of mine had a Beamer HQ4 power kite to spare, apparently a really good allround kite. 

HQ4 Beamer
HQ4 Beamer 4sqm

Low wind

Incredibly, you can start flying this beast in very low wind. From 5 km/h you are good to go. It is a bit of work to get it in the air and keep it there but as long as you keep moving it will be fine. You will need a helping hand though in low wind as you may struggle to lift off especially if you landed upside down. In stronger winds it is much easier to lift off even with the leading edge down. Have a look at my nephew flying the Beamer IV in such low winds.

It can pull

Naturally, as the wind increases this kite develops some incredible pull. From 20 km/h onwards you should use it with caution as you will need quite some experience if you don`t want to take a dive head first. I can clearly see how much fun this kite would be with a landboard on the beach. 

What to watch out for

The kite comes with lines and bars but kite killers are often not included. You definitely need to get some fitting killers or you are bound to lose your kite. In stronger winds, you have to take off on the side of the wind window or you will go for an unwanted run. It is incredible what force this 4 square meter power kite can develop especially if you lift off in the centre. Check the length of the lines, my left brake line was slightly shorter than the right one which I had to correct as the kite was leaning more to the left. 

Sum up

If you feel you mastered a small two line kite, this is a great step up. So much fun to fly and nicely challenging. The 4 line set up takes a little while to get used to but you will master this relatively quickly. 

Link to the kit I have