Gay Dads – Adopting children as a same sex couple

Kory and I are very proud gay dads of two lovely boys. This is a video talking through our experience of adopting children as a same sex couple in the UK. As you can imagine, this was and is a life-changing experience to build our rainbow family. 

Without taking too much of the video, it is quite amazing how straightforward it is to adopt as a homosexual couple in the UK. Back home in Germany there is still no easy way and lots of prejudice. The support from the social workers was excellent and the route from two gay men becoming dads felt very natural. 

We went through an adoption agency

We decided to adopt through an adoption agency, Barnados. They are very experienced with same sex couples and actually one of the first charities supporting gay adoption in the country. Their help and advice has been enormous. Equally, we can`t thank enough our kids former social worker and their foster carers for their amazing work and support.

Without the help of the people above and our friends, family and my employer this would not have been possible. 

Do you want to speak about same sex parenting and adoption?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in the topic of being a gay parent. We are more than happy to help where we can.