Week 1: Talk to Strangers and see each other naked

Unbelievable, I just had my first full week living in the Netherlands, after 10 years in London. The most important measure for the week, nearly 70 km spent cycling commuting to and back from the office and actually enjoying it, not just trying to survive as in London.

It is okay to talk to strangers

The first thing you realise in the morning is that everybody says good morning. Whether that is somebody coming in the changing room in the gym or people coming into the lift. I just had mastered the skill of not looking at anybody in a totally packed (tube) train and suddenly strangers speak to me. Obviously, I can understand my English friends – what do you do if a stranger hasn`t been officially introduced to you?

eGym – get fit in the cloud

Speaking of the gym, that was a very unusual `welcome back to Europe` experience. All was fine until I entered the shower room. No cubicles!!! Just hoses coming out of the wall. I nearly forgot that Europeans are less worried about being seen naked. Obviously, as everything has an app in Amsterdam so have the gym machines. Everything is computer controlled even how much weight I have to push. eGym is 45 min of being chased around a circuit-training setup of 8 machines by a computer, naturally cloud-based. Perfect for the morning!

All my friends smile about my 70km cycled this week as apparently all is flat and easy. Definitely, there is no Greenwich hill to climb but 80km/h winds!

Moving date is set

So, back to London for the weekend. Kory and the kids have now a moving date! We will all be in Amsterdam from the end of March! After ticking off BSN (burgerservicenummer), mastering the local health insurance system and getting a bank account, I have to sort out schooling next week!